Hey Guys, we are back with another post. In recent years Instagram has grown a much big. Basically, it’s another social media app which allows you to share your photos with the world. On it, almost every celebrity has an account and also they got a way to connect to their fans worldwide. Instagram ‘s owner ‘s unique thinking made this social media app to grow fast worldwide.
Present time everyone wants to get famous. So, for them, Instagram is a good Medium to get famous worldwide and become a celebrity. But to be that you have to have some skills and something special that others don’t have. Instagram only provides you with a platform it doesn’t guarantee you that you ‘ll get famous easily no it’s not that easy but also it not that hard also, so today we are gonna tell you How to Become Popular on Instagram In 2019.
If you are using Instagram.  Before and you don’t have many followers then guys this post is only for you.
If you want to reach out to a bigger audience worldwide then today I am going to tell you how you can do this
Like- Gaining more followers, More likes on posts, and also how to use this app let’s get started ??

Top 10 ways to become popular on Instagram


1. Use public profile instead of using private profile








If you make a private account then most of the people will not follow you because they won’t gonna see your photos and if they don’t see they will not follow you so make sure your account is public instead of private, you can manage it in settings. Which you can go through your that’s was the first way.

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2. Write a Good Bio of You



Yes, guys writing a good Bio is very important for getting followers on Instagram, and become popular. Write a good bio take help of Google to write a good bio because when people will go to your profile there should be something attractive that make them follow you. We suggest you do not share your location and mobile number because it could be harmful to you

3. Use Closed up look Profile Pictures

Yes, guys main role delivers your profile so when you comment on some post you see a lil. Icon of your profile shows on it so a close-up look profile photo will be easy to see people your photo and getting follow you, so make sure you have a closed up look profile photo.

4. Tag Popular people on your Post


Guys when you post some photo make sure you have tagged popular celebrities and much popular account on Instagram, so when someone goes in their profile he’ll see your photos in tag section.
And maybe he’ll like your photo and comment and also maybe he’ll follow you. So tag many people.

5. Like all post on Search Page



When you go on search page you’ll see a lot of posts there so if you like them their owners and random people will follow you yes this is a fact and many people gained so many followers through this method so make sure you’d do it and get popular on Instagram.
os will help you to gain many followers and likes on Instagram.

6. Comment on Random popular posts

When you comment on the random popular photo  then other people who also comment on that photo see your comment and if they like it they will follow you back

7. Follow Random Popular peoples



Guys when you follow random popular people then their followers will see your profile and will follow you back. Instagram allows you to follow 160 people per hour. So follow them and later unfollow them this trick will make you rich of followers. So make sure you should do that.

8. Click High-quality Photos of You



Guys use third-party camera apps for clicking best pictures of you and if you can manage use DSLR camera to click your photos because if your followers and the tags   people will see your good photo and they eagerly follow you to see more photos .so don’t forget to do that

9. Use Popular Hashtags becoming popular



Yes, guys when you use Popular Hashtags then people who follow that Hashtags will also follow you randomly so don’t forget to use as much as hashtags you can. Also, you can find them on google.

10. Interact with your followers


Yes, guys, this is the last and final tip from me also it is very important that you should chat with tour followers on Instagram so that they can connect with you. So make sure you should reply all their comments and chat with them

So that’s, for now, guys hope this article will helpful for you. If still have problems don’t feel shy to comment below.  Thank you


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