Top-3 Websites to Make Professional Android apps on Android Smartphone

I Hope You all are very well. Guys, I am Lokesh From Tech With Logic Today Going to Teach you Something New and Interesting. Without wasting time let’s start.

Is App Development possible on Android Smartphone?

Guys if you have interest in making Android apps and you don’t have any high specification pc or laptop .if  You can’t buy them and Looking for Something with you can make Android apps on your Android Mobile or low specification Pc Or Laptop. Then, Guys, You are at Right Place Because in this Article I am going to Tell You that You Can Make Android apps on your Android Smartphone and on your Low specification PC or Laptop. Guys, Not Everyone ‘s Family can afford High Specification Laptop Or Pc which has min. 8 GB of Ram and High Graphics card and High-Level Processor. So, what happens? They are Humans too they can also Have an interest in app development.
Also, Normal People who don’t know How to make Android apps on Android Smartphone? This article also Useful for them. So Guys if you are one of them then Guys you are going on a right way because today I am going to tell you about 3 top-level websites with them you can make Android apps on your Android Smartphone and Earn Money By selling them or by Publishing them on Google Play Store and earn with Google Admob.

How Many Qualifications Needed to Learn App Development?

Guys if you go through on a simple way then it will take you 3-4 years to learn Coding and After that, you will Learn App Development with Android Studio and with Much More IDE.
Guys First let’s talk about Some General questions that have been asked.
Do you Need Any Degree to make Android apps?
Ans:- No
Do You Need to Learn Coding to make  Android apps?
Ans:- No 

Guys, yes  You Need to Work Hard to Make A professional Looking app but you will Not need to work hard as other people who make apps from the android studio or Any other IDE.

I am Not Going to Teach You That How you Will Make Android apps?

I am Just Going to Tell You Method With you can Make Android Apps on Your Android Smartphone.
Guys If you want to learn How to Make apps on these websites or Via these methods then Just search about all them .check them out on YouTube.
 I guarantee you that you will be a professional app Developer in one Month If You Work Hard For One Month.
So if You are Thinking about that i am going to teach you  that How to Make apps On Android then Sorry you are on wrong way you can skip below But If you don’t know a path to become an app developer by developing Android apps on Android Smartphone then I am going to tell you about that Path.

So, Now if you are reading this then you are interested to Know about that method with You Can Make Android apps development on Android Smartphone. Then let’s start.

How to Make Apps On these Websites?

Guys, Making Apps is Almost Easy on these Websites. All 3 Website Have the Same Method for Developing apps. On these Websites first You Have to Create app through Drag and Drop System. In it, You Have to Put on Screen what You want your app Should Like .so this is the easiest part but after doing Drag and Drop you Need to Adjust the Block system. yes, Guys Here is a block system. So, this Block System is Like coding .this gives a command that what App will do. So you have to adjust Blocks. Adding a Block in other Block is like a strategy Game. You Have to Think that if you add this Block into That then What will Happen in your Block. So this is the Thing You Have to Learn. If you Get Learn it soon then you will Become perfect in app Development on These Websites. So now without wasting time let me tell You About these Websites.

Top -3 Websites To develop Android apps on Android Smartphone

1.  Thunkable:-

                      Yes, Guys at first we are Going to talk about Thunkable. Thinkable is a website which You Can Run on Your Any Android Browser. You Can Make apps Here Easily. As I said there is a Drag and Drop System .with You Can Make Professional apps. You Just Need to be Creative to Make Professional apps on this and other Websites.

On This Website, you don’t Need to Have SDK or any other Languages kit.
On this website, you can live test your app that How your App Will do? On the Android Smartphone, you are Making apps on.Thunkable enables anyone to create beautiful and powerful mobile app. Thunkable apps work On Both Android and ios Platform. So you can also Make ios apps Here. Thunkable is a Software which Runs in A browser and it enables you to Make Android or Ios apps without any Coding. As You Can See In Below picture how your screen Will Look Like when You are making apps .so Now move to our Second Website.



2. Appybuilder:- 

               Appybuilder is also a Software which runs in a Browser and enables you to Make apps without Coding. Appybuilder started after MIT app inventor and it is independent and enhanced version of it. It doesn’t charge you any cost to Make apps on this Website. Below you can See How it’s interface Looks Like. App builder doesn’t take any commission and charge if you make apps on it and earn from it. This is why it is very popular and Good. So now we Move to Our Last Website.


3. Makeroid

                 Makeroid is also a software which runs in a browser and helps people to Build apps without learning to code. Make road recently launched its New version in it Some latest features have been added which are Not in Appybuilder or Thunkable. This is why it is Best of them all. It is a free Platform that helps you to make your ideas become Android apps. There is also a drag and drop components and Block System. Which you can learn easily if you work hard. You Can See it’s interface at Below.


So that’s all three Website which is Best in online app I Hope this article is useful to you. now let’s talk About their Pros and cons.

Pros. and Cons. Making apps online?


Guys if you make apps on these websites then you are making apps for free, it will require you low time and you can earn High with adding Admob in your apps .you can sell your apps to others. So these are the pros of making apps online. Now here the cons. Guys, there are only cons. Is you can make your app look almost like android studio But you will Never able to Make it same to same as an android studio like professional. So that’s only cons. For it.

So hope you Loved it .still have concerns then Don’t feel shy to ask in Comments section. I am always ready to reply to you. Will back with another exciting article. Thank you !!!


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