How to Add Custom Fevicon in Blogger or WordPress ?

Hey guys, how are you doing? , I Hope you all are doing well. So as always, I am back with another exciting and also important article for you. Guys as in our last posts about Blogging I had already told you about much about Blogger and Today I am going to tell you that How to Create Favicon for your Blogger or WordPress or any type of your Website.Guys, first of all, let me tell you about Favicon. That 

what is Favicon? 

Guys Fevicon is what when you Open any website, then Top of your screen You see an icon Beside your Website Name in your all Tabs. Yes, guys when you open any tab then in the screen at the top of the tab a little icon is showing the logo of that website called Fevicon. Yes, guys, that is what called Fevicon. It is very important for your website Fevicon makes your Website looking Professional. So when you add a professional looking Fevicon then your website looks professional and visitors look your Website and See that it is Much Good .so they Become Your Regular Traffic Participants.

This is why adding a Professional Favicon is Necessary for your Seo also. The More Visitors You Gain The more Your Ranking in Search Engine grow. So this is why Adding Favicon in Your Website is also Important for Your Seo. So, Now you Have  Question that

How to Create Professional Favicon to your website ??

So without wasting time let’s start .guys, I am going to tell you in some simple steps. Now start with step 1

Step 1:-  

     First of all guys, you Need your Logo, so guys adjust you Logo in any photo editor. Resize it to only showing Logo as Main .so that your Favicon is So front that everyone can see it properly. So adjust it as you love.

Step 2:- 

          Now go to a website Favicon Generator. And upload your Resized photo of your logo and Upload it and Click on Generate Favicon. Yes, guys, that’s it. In a few seconds, your Favicon will be Generated. Now  Download the Favicon.ico file in your storage.

STEP 3:- 

Now guys go to the dashboard of your website. In Blogger go into layout and up there you will See a box of Fevicon there you can upload the Favicon.ico file and save it. Yes that’s it your Favicon is changed in Blogger website.

For WordPress, the website provides a code also so in your header Paste the code and your WordPress Favicon will be changed.

So guys hope this article is useful to you. Don’t forget to share it with your Friends. Still, have concerns then Don’t feel shy to ask in the Comments section. So, I’ll be back with another exciting and also important article for you. THANK YOU


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