Disadvantages of Paid Traffic | While Surfing on Social Media You may have seen people who are selling traffic for websites showing their Adsense Earning. If you are thinking about buying traffic for your website then I want to tell you that you should never buy traffic for your website. In this article, I will completely explain why you should never buy traffic for your website and How much harm it can cause your website.

So, Hello everyone it is Lokesh again and today I came with an amazing topic of Paid Traffic. I will clear all your doubts about paid traffic in this article and will tell you how much dangerous paid traffic can be for your website.

Paid Traffic for Website

First, Let’s learn more about paid traffic.

What is Paid Traffic?

Guys, Traffic is always the same whether it is paid or free. A human comes to your website by search results if it is organic or from advertisements if it is paid and scroll your articles or buy some stuff or do whatever. But Problem rises if this traffic is not a human, Yes, this is the type of traffic I am going to talk about today.

People on social media or on some websites sell this type of traffic. They charge you some money and tell you that they will send traffic on your website like 1000 or 2000 visitors. They actually send bot traffic to your website. Yes, this is what they do and with this traffic, your website can get destroyed forever.

I hope you already understand what type of paid traffic I am talking about. Yes, I am not talking about advertisements of Facebook, Google, Bing because Google also promotes this type of traffic via Google Ads but the bot type traffic they never promoted.

So, it is very dangerous for your website and I will tell you about all the Disadvantages of paid traffic and why you should never use it on your website.

Now, let’s talk about why people buy this type of traffic.

Why People Buy Paid Traffic for Website?

Guys, every day many people join blogging and only a few of them join blogging for passion because most of them join it to make money online. When they are unable to get traffic to their website they see people who are selling paid traffic for website, they buy traffic from them for their website and think that now they will make money.

Also, there is a myth in people’s mind that if they need Google Adsense approval then they have to get traffic on their website. because on new website traffic not come. so, they go and buy traffic for their website so, they can get Adsense Approval. But as I said this is an only myth because if you have quality content then Google gives you Instantly Adsense approval.

But I want to tell you, my friend, that this traffic will not be going to help you to earn but it will destroy all your previous hard work.

Mostly Beginners do this mistake but if you are reading this article then I repeat never ever think about buying traffic for your website.

I hope you understand why people think they should buy traffic for website. Now, I will tell you the disadvantages of paid traffic that will blow your mind.

So, Without wasting any more time let’s start.

Top 5 Disadvantages of Paid Traffic for your website

Guys, I will tell you about 5 main disadvantage of paid traffic one by one and I am sure You will never ever think about buying traffic for your website. Let’s start with the first one.

1. SERP Ranking will go down:-

Guys, If you buy traffic for your website then this is the advantage you will face. Your website rankings will go down and down as soon as Google detects that you are getting bot traffic to your website.

Because we all know how much powerful Google is, Google can detect easily that from where you are getting traffic to your website. So, this becomes a big disadvantage for you that what you have worked in previous time on your website to get traffic will also be destroyed because of paid traffic.

2. Unauthorized and Not Targeted traffic:-

If you buy traffic for your website then you don’t know from where this traffic is coming and this traffic is unauthorized bot traffic. Because the seller generates and gives the task to the bot to give 100 or 1000 page views to this URL.

You will not get the CPC for the keyword you have searched because this is not targeted traffic. so, the all-time you invested in keyword research will also destroy.

3. No New Subscribers:-

Guys, If you are doing email marketing and added an email subscription box. then you will not get any new subscribers because you requested for bot traffic and the bot will not fill email.

Also, If you like to interact with your blog viewers like me in the comments. so, don’t forget to comment below and say Hi to me. So, I was saying if you use paid traffic then you will not get any new comments. Also, you will not able to interact with anyone. This becomes a big disadvantage for you.

4. No Sales will happen:-

Guys, if you are selling something on your website or doing affiliate marketing then no sales will happen because of bot traffic you are deriving on your website. No sales mean no money and remember you bought traffic to make money. So, this is one of the big disadvantages of paid traffic.

5. Your Adsense Account will get Disabled soon:-

Guys, use of bot traffic is a violation of Adsense policies and if you buy traffic for your website then your Adsense will get disabled soon. you will not able to make money from it. So, all your plans will get destroyed if you buy traffic for your website.

Also, if you haven’t read our article that how to keep Adsense account safe then read it now.


In this article, I have shared about the Disadvantages of Paid traffic and I hope you have liked it. So, don’t forget to share it with all the beginner bloggers. Also, don’t forget to comment below how much you liked this article.

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