How to Earn 500-1000$ Per Month on Go Transcript?

Hey guys, So How are You Doing?.
I am Lokesh from Tech With Logic, Today we are going to talk about an Online Money Making Method. Guys if you are good on Keyboard and Can type Some pages easily. Then, Guys, You Can Earn up to 500-1000$ per Month Easily.

Yes, Guys, I am Not Joking. You Can do this easily. Because There is a website which gives Money for typing some content. Guys I know you have heard about many websites which give Money for typing Their content and Those are Fake. Yes, guys, there are only a few websites on the internet which give Money for typing their content. Many websites are fake in this field. They ask you for Money as the Name of Registration.

Once you did the registration they don’t give you any work to do and your all money gets wasted and you can’t that back. So, guys, I am not going to tell you about any fake websites. The website I am going to tell you about is 100% genuine and tested by me and like me, many peoples are earning from it by transcribing. Yes, guys, this website is about Transcription. You do transcription then they will pay you for it .so guys the Website I am Talking about is and I guarantee you this is the best website about transcription. So if you don’t know What is Transcription? Then first let me tell you more about it.

What is transcription?

Guys Transcription is a Method in it you will be Provided with an Audio or Video File. In this File, someone will be talking something and You have to type all that .that’s it. Yes, guys, this is what transcription. Isn’t it cool? If you are good at typing then you just have to put Headphones on and just listen what that file ‘s Saying and just keep typing it. And you will be getting paid. Guys on Go transcript every audio video file is always up to 3-4 minutes. You just have to type all that said in 3-4 minutes and you will be paid to 1$ per file. Yes, guys payout rates are very High on Gotranscript. So now you are thinking why you should only choose this website isn’t there are other Options? So Now let’s talk about why should you choose

Why Go


Go transcript is a worldwide popular genuine Website. you can believe them blindfolded. This website is 100% real. You just have to Create an account on this website.they  will take your two test and if you pass both tests then you can work and earn on Go transcript. It is basically out of India website but you can believe them. They will pay you for the work you have done. This is why I am telling you about this website. So now I have told you that why you should choose this website.
Also, guys, this website gives payment in PayPal so  make sure you have an PayPal account.
So, Now we move on our topic that How you can register on this website and earn money. So let’s start.

How to Register on Go Transcript?

Guys, first of all, you have to go on their website Go
And there you will see a page like you can see in below picture. So from here Now slide down on this website till you reach the bottom. There you will an option which is for apply for work. now click on that there you will see about sign up for work. you can Sign up with your Gmail id.


 Now fill in your details as asked there.
Also, don’t forget to verify your email address by clicking on the link sent on your email by go transcript team.
Now you are just 2 step away from earning 500-1000$ per month easily.
Now, guys, you have to give two tests.
Also, you have to get pass in both tests to be eligible for this job.
Now first let me tell you about both tests. So let’s start with the first one.

First Test – Guidelines Test 

Yes, guys, the first test is about guidelines test. In it, you will be provided a link to their guidelines.  You will be asked 14 questions about their guidelines. Which you can easily answer by Reading the guidelines. So read the guidelines carefully and answer all questions and click on Submit. You have to get at least 80% to get passed in this test. So do everything carefully and you will be able to qualify for the Next Round.  The Next Round is quite tough.
So Now Move to Next test.

Second Test – Working test !!

Yes, Guys in the second test you will be provided with an audio file which you have to transcribe. So just type everything as their Guidelines and you will be able to pass this test. So when you are done submit it and later the team will contact you through email that you are passed or not. So that’s How you can Register on Go transcript and make Money Online.

Again, guys, I am telling you that it’s Not that easy you are thinking after Reading this article.  So be prepared for it.
So that’s for today guys. I hope this will useful for you. Don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thank you and
Peace !!!!


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