How To Convert Image to Word on Android Smartphone
We live in a modern age, an age where every single thought, every single imagination could become reality. Our technology is moving forward with tremendous pace and we can either turn our heads and be an outside spectator or join the revolution and enjoy everything that it brings to the table.
One of the most important things technology brought us were advancements in mobile technology. Meaning that our devices are now smaller and more powerful than they were 20-30 years ago. Just think about our smartphones (they weren’t called that back then), just 30 years ago they were big bricks that could only make phone calls and send occasional messages.
Today, they are pocket-sized devices that can basically do anything. With the right apps installed you could edit your photos, manage social media accounts, convert documents, play desktop grade games, order food, the list is endless. Business people quickly realized their potential and started using them for all kinds of tasks that needed to be done quickly while on the go.
One of those tasks are document conversions. They used to be performed on powerful desktop computers, but now with technological advancements, we are able to convert documents right on our smartphones. Even the hardest conversions like the image to word can be performed with accurate end results. The only problem is finding a reliable Image to Word Converter app to do so.

What is Image to Word Converter ?

One of the apps that has given us the best conversion results was Image to Word Converter. It is truly a remarkable app, not only does it provide excellent conversion results but it is also extremely easy to use. Some of its most important features are:
  • – No limits on the size and the number of files you can convert
  • – Powerful document scanner with OCR
  • – Cloud service support (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and more)
  • – Easy sharing feature
  • – Option to convert screenshots


Although we said earlier that the Image to Word Converter app is very easy to use, we decided to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to convert images to Word.


How to convert image to word using Image to Word Converter App ?

Step 1:

           First of all Download the app from the Play Store and install it.
How To Convert Image to Word on Android Smartphone

Step 2:

Once the installation is complete, open the Image to Word Converter app and select an image you want to convert. You can select images directly from your smartphone gallery, Gmail attachments or previously mentioned cloud services.
How To Convert Image to Word on Android Smartphone


And that’s not all. You can also use the built-in image scanner to effortlessly scan images. In order to get the best possible results, we recommend scanning images on a flat surface without any visible background in Image to Word Converter.

Step 3:

In case you are not satisfied with the images you took, here you are able to rotate or crop them. Once you are finished with your editings, simply tap the “Convert” button and proceed to the final step.
How To Convert Image to Word on Android Smartphone

 Step 4:

Just wait for the conversion to complete and you are good to go! The  Image to Word Converter app doesn’t need to be open the whole time. Notification will pop up on your screen saying that conversion is complete meaning you can now open converted image in a text editing app of your choice.  
How To Convert Image to Word on Android Smartphone

Conclusion –


Image to Word Converter app can be of great help when trying to convert pictures of invoices, reports, contracts, and other business documentation. It will also help you digitize your life by scanning thesis, notes or even cooking recipes for further adjustments. With all that said, we truly recommend having this app installed on your phone. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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