Top 5 Methods to Make Money on Whatsapp in 2019

Hey guys, How are you all ?? I hope everyone is doing well. So, as always I am back with another exciting and also important article for you all. Yes, guys this time it is about Make Money Online. Guys many of you are students and I know like me every one of you has your concerns to make money. But you can’t do Job Now and many people who are doing jobs in their respective area .also need some extra money. Because in this world money is the things which value Never satisfies a human. The more you get the more you Need.

So, guys as I think every one of you runs Whatsapp. You waste your whole time on chatting on WhatsApp .but not from today Because today in this article I am going to tell you How to make money from WhatsApp. I am going to share with you my personal top 5 methods to earn money on WhatsApp.

Whatsapp is a very popular chatting app. Billions of people run it daily. You can make money easily on WhatsApp by doing simple work.
So today in this article I am sharing some methods to earn Money on WhatsApp.
The Best part of these all methods is you don’t have to invest any single penny/cent/rupees. So, this is why you can do it right Now. So without wasting time let’s start.

Top 5 Methods to Make Money on Whatsapp


Method 1:- Affiliate Marketing

                 Yes, guys, this is the first and Top Method. Many websites like Flipkart, Amazon, banged etc. Provide affiliate marketing. You just have to select a product and generate a link to it. Share it in many WhatsApp Groups everyone who buys that product from your link you will get a commission for it. These above websites give a lot of commission on affiliate marketing. So, do that and you can earn up to 2000- 3000$ per month with affiliate marketing. So the more group of WhatsApp you had joined the more people you can interact to, so the chances of selling products will grow. So you can start affiliate marketing on WhatsApp group easily now and make a good money every month. So now we move to our Next method.

Method 2:- Link Shortner

               Yes, guys link Shorter is a good way of money. Many of you maybe don’t know about it. It’s a way by that you can short any link and you will get paid for the views that will come on that link. You just have to short many links and share them in WhatsApp groups as many as you can. The More people who will click on that the much money you will get. Ad .fly, and Link shrink are the most popular sites which provide link Shortener service these websites give up to 1 $ per 1000 views.
And you can get easily payout from them. So, this is also a good Method to earn money on WhatsApp. Moving to the Next method.

Method 3:- Pay Per Download 

Yes, Guys, many websites provide pay per download or Ppd. You have to log in to them and store any file to them so everyone who download the file from there you will get paid for it. It could be the apps, software,  music,  video, ebook or anything else.
So share the link in your WhatsApp Groups and tell them to download and you will get paid. Here I am sharing some top website which provides pond example.
Five bucks, UploadCash, Sharecash, Daily Upload,, Dollarupload, LinkBucks Media
Now move to our Next method.

Method 4 – Earning Apps 

 Guys many apps in the play store are Earning Apps. They provide you referral system so when someone joins with your link you can get paid. So share your referral link into WhatsApp group and tell people to download via your link.
Databuddy, ladder etc. Are apps which provides you with these systems.
So now move to our Final Method

Method 5 – YouTube promotion 

Guys if you are a member of a lot of Groups. Which have up to 200 peoples in per group then you can contact small youtubers that you can make views to their videos and make their subscribers if he/she pays you some money. If they agree you can share their videos link in your WhatsApp Groups and tell people to watch their videos at least some of them will do that. And you will earn money …

So, guys, these are the top 5 Methods to Make Money on Whatsapp
I hope this article is useful to you. Still, have concerns then Don’t feel shy to ask in the Comments section and also share with your friends so they can earn money also. Till then be happy !! Peace.


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