Top-7 Myths About Blogging

guys, if you are one of them who are new to blogging. , if you are a beginner Blogger, you don’t know much about blogging, guys as normal people if I think there are are some myths about blogging. so, if you are a beginner blogger or thinking about becoming a blogger then you should know about these myths.

 because these myths are very important for any blogger or even if you are not want to become a blogger still these are important for you because you should have to know about blogging that is blogging is easy or hard so if in future you think about becoming a blogger then you should have to know about these myths.
so, yes guys I am Lokesh and today I am going to tell you about Top-7 Myths About Blogging !! that you should know.

yeah, I know some people could not relate that what is the difference between myth and truth, so, first of all, let me tell you more about what are myths?

What are Blogging myths?

guys, MYTH is just a thinking. if we don’t know about a thing completely then we make a thinking about it in our mind and as a knowledge, we share it with other peoples. 

So, basically, the thinking of you about a particular topic becomes sometimes wrong and sometimes right so the wrong thing is called a myth.
I know some of you already know about it but I have to resolve everyone’s problem.

so, in blogging also those people who don’t know about it, they make a thinking about blogging in their mind, so some of them are right and some of them are wrong. so, that is what I am going to talk about today. so, now move to our topic in which I am going to tell you about top-7 myths about blogging. without wasting time let’s start.

‘Top-7 Myths About Blogging’

so, here guys I had shared the myths I think people mostly think. Maybe there are other myths also but I am sharing only some which are frequently think. so, let’s talk about our first myth.


         ”   about 25-30 posts needed to get Adsense approval.”


            guys, many people think and many professional bloggers tell you that you should have minimum 25-30 posts on your blog to get Google Adsense approval. if you are thinking this then my friend you are wrong. first, think why Google Adsense give approval on any blog website.

 AdSense gives approval to those websites that have posts which are helpful to peoples. which give customers to their advertisers. if your website doesn’t have content which is the same as their advertisers then Adsense does not approve your blog website.

let’s take an example, let if you have any medicine related website and if you apply on Adsense, then Adsense will check their advertisers that if there is an advertiser who is selling medicines and wants to show ads on a medicine related website then google gives approval to your website else google rejects your approval.

also,post should be written well  styled. and your website should also be well designed. then you will get Google Adsense approval even if you have 5-10 posts on your website. So, this myth is totally fake. now move to our second myth.


      ” WordPress Is Better than Blogger


          guys, this is also a big myth in blogging many bloggers thinks that WordPress is better than blogger. but it is not the full truth. guys, you can do everything in blogger as same as WordPress but is hard because you have to code everything you want to do in blogger but in WordPress, there are millions of plugins available for every work.

 every professional blogger firstly started at then they migrated to WordPress. so if you had thought that every professional blogger has started on WordPress and you should do the same then you are wrong. you first have to learn to blog and for that blogger is the best platform and later when you think you have become almost good then you can migrate to WordPress in an easy way. now move to our third myth.


         ” very high traffic needed to earn high income.”


          guys, it is not truth.there are different CPC rates for any particular topic. if you try to get traffic from a low CPC rate keyword then you will need a lot of traffic. 

but somehow if you able to rank your websites on higher CPC rate keyword like FINANCE, INSOURANCE and CANCER-related topic then in a single click you can able to earn up to 100-200$. so, this is why I said that you don’t need high traffic if you work on a higher CPC rate keyword.
now move to our fourth myth.




         guys, in blogging you need to do keyword research before writing anything on your blog Website.if you are a new blogger then you will surely fail if you try to write on any topic because professional blogger somehow manages to rank on any keyword and can get traffic but new bloggers who don’t even know about SEO going to failed everytime.

 so, this is why you should do keyword research before writing on any topic. now move to our fifth myth.


          Blogging is very easy everyone can make money from it.


           no, guys, not everyone can do blogging.blogging is much harder than you think. guys BLogging is not only about just keep writing and writing and so on. guys in blogging you have to write a perfectly SEO friendly article and create BACKLINKS and need to do SEO and other also.

if you don’t do so then your website will not rank in SEARCH ENGINE and you will not be going to get any traffic and make money from now move to our sixth myth.


          ” you can not start a blog to earn money.”


      guys if you are planning to start blogging and thinking that from next month you will able to make millions of dollars than my friend I am telling you will going to fail. you can start blogging for your passion and later when you start getting traffic. you will automatically be going to a lot of money. so, first of all, you have to put money aside and have to work hard on your blog website and if you don’t do so then you will be responsible for what is going to happen to you. now move to our last MYTH.


          YOU can not start blogging if you don’t know about SEO, BACKLINKS etc.


           guys, I know SEO and backlinks are important to rank any post in SERP.but if you work hard on your content and write some good content than google automatically detects that you are writing good content . in that case your blog automatically ranks in SERP. you don’t need SEO and backlinks to rank. so, if you are just away from blogging that you don’t know about SEO and backlinks than my friend come and start writing good content.

so, that are the top-7 myths about blogging you should know about.that’s for today guys, hope you liked it.don’t forget to share it with your friends.
Thank You !!!!



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