How to Play PubG Mobile in PC or Laptop ??

Hey Guys, How are you all? , Hope you all are doing so well!!!. Yes, guys on the good response on our post How to play pubs in Xiaomi device smoothly I am back on another article on PubG. Yes, Guys, many of you have low-end specs Mobile/smartphone. So you can’t play this game on your smartphone and if you have a low-end specifications Laptop or Pc then you also can’t Play the PC version of PUBG.

So what you can do now? You want to play right !!! This game is totally amazing even I am a big addict of this game. So you want to play it then I have a trick for only you guys that if you can’t play the mobile version of PUBG on your smartphone and also you can’t play pc version of PUBG on your pc then there is an idea why don’t you play the mobile version of PUBG on your pc. Yes, guys, I am saying absolutely right you can play PuBG mobile on your low-end specifications Pc or Laptop. And how can you do this I am going to tell you today in this article so keep reading

Why PubG Mobile on Pc or Laptop ??


Guys as you all know that not everyone can able to buy that high-end specs laptop or Pc. And if you play PuBG mobile on android it is too difficult to aim and control. sometimes someone ‘s call comes on your smartphone and your game stops it happens even in high-end smartphones. So when your game interrupts you get irritated. So as we are going to play PubG Mobile on pc so as you all know that this is an android game so it’ll not much required high-end pc, actually you will able to play in low-end pc or laptop smoothly. So thinks these reasons will enough for you to know that why PubG mobile is should play on a laptop or desktop computer. Now I am going to tell you that
How to Play pub mobile in pc or laptop.

How to play ping mobile on Pc or Laptop ??

Here, guys, I am going to tell you two methods by them you will able to play pub mobile on your low-end pc or laptop. So without wasting time let’s start the first one. there are also a lot of methods but I am going to tell you the best two methods.

Method 1:- 

                    Guys First method is you can emulate pub mobile on pc or laptop with Tencent’s official Gaming Buddy Emulator. Yes, Guys Tencent also understands peoples’ problem so they provided their official emulator to play pubG mobile on your pc or laptop. Which you can download easily by going on their website.
After downloading this 10 MB emulator .install it and run it in your pc and download the PubG mobile and play easily. You can set up easily. Also, try to make settings on low to play smoothly also you can make it high if your pc is high-end graphics.
But in this, you will face little problems, so this is why I am going to tell you about method two in which you will able to play this game smoothly.

With keyboard and mouse playing this game is much easier. because aiming and driving are much easier on keyboard and mouse. So now we move to method two.


                    Method 2 is maybe you already know about this app. because this app is very popular about emulation of Android apps in pc or laptop. Yes, guys, I am talking about BlueStacks. BlueStacks is a very fast emulator for playing apk in pc or laptop.
Download this in your pc or laptop .now install and run it in your pc .now you will see a corner of the game centre from there download pub mobile. And play it .also don’t forget to make settings on low and if you don’t know which controls are? Then play in training mode and with settings decide which button you want to do which work? Say me thanks later

I hope this article is useful to you. Still, have concerns then Don’t feel shy to ask in the Comments section. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends so they can also able to play ping mobile in pc or laptop .so this is Lokesh Vijay and will take you to another exciting and also important article on Tech With Logic. Peace!!!!!?


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