Top 5 Popular Website Design Scripts in 2019

Are you a newbie in Blogging and created a blog, got Adsense approval but still not enough money with it. It happens with everyone who starts Blogging but to become successful and earn some money you need to work on some external sources on the internet.

 So, till your blog become a brand you can earn money with that external sources. So now you think what are those external ways. So, guys have you seen some shocking websites on the internet while surfing.

 There are some Popular Website Design Scripts and if you work on those you will going to make huge money with these popular Website Design Scripts.

Here I am going to share with you about top 5 Popular Website Design Scripts in 2019 and if you make a website on these scripts and able to get them viral, I guarantee you that website will make a lot of money to you that you will not able to handle.

Guys, I want to tell you that all these scripts are paid and you will need to invest some money to get a much bigger amount with them.

So, hey everyone it’s Lokesh  and here in this article I am going to share with you about ” Top 5 Popular Website Design Scripts in 2019″.

First of all, let’s get know more about these popular Website design Scripts that why these website designs are so much popular.

What are Popular Website Design and why you should build a website on them?

Guys as a blogger we all start with a thinking of that we will make a lot of money by just posting articles and when you spend time in Blogging and when visitors not come and you not able to earn a little comparison to what you had thought you will make that feeling make you depressed. 

There are many people’s who were doing great in Blogging and they just left it because they were impatient. Guys in today’s time there is a lot of competition in Blogging and if you are thinking that you will make 100$ a day from tomorrow then my friend it is not possible. You will also leave Blogging in just a few time.

You have to find some external sources to make money because Blogging is a long-term business and you can’t make money in your starting.

But there are some methods by using them you’ll make a huge amount of money and professional bloggers also use these methods because these methods are really genuine and if you work hard on them and just able to viral them there are some popular website design Scripts that can make you a huge amount of money.

Guys Popular Website Design Scripts are some scripts that make unique traffic attractive websites. So, when someone sees them they can’t make them away from these popular Website Design Scripts and automatically keep coming on your website.

You have seen online that there are URL shortener Websites, Seo tools Websites, Facebook quiz Website etc. are called popular Website design Scripts and you cannot imagine how much traffic popular websites they have created Website using these scripts get and they make huge money with it.

 This is why should also build websites on these popular website design Scripts and you will also able to make a huge amount of money with these Websites.

I hope you had understood now what are popular website design Scripts and why you should make Websites on them in 2019. 

Now let’s come to our topic now and let’s see which are top 5 popular website design Scripts that will be going to make you rich if you work on them in 2019.

 5 Popular Website Design Scripts on  you should make Websites in 2019  

Guys, I have to find everywhere and got 5 some unique best Website Design Scripts that will very useful for you. These popular website design Scripts are also good website design examples and These are costly too but remember you have to do investment if you want much bigger in return.

So, guys now without wasting time let’s see which are those top 5 Popular Website Design Scripts that will make you a huge amount of money.

1.Vinnorokom- Facebook Quiz and Poll Viral Fun App :-


 Guys if you use Facebook them I am sure you had sawed a lot of links and quiz that redirects you on other website and tells you about your past birth, what will happen to you, how and when you will die, who is your girlfriend/best friend etc.

 These are some examples I am sure you have seen them while using them. This is the script how that quiz is made from and specialty of this script is visitor can’t stop him without clicking on the quiz. You can paste your AdSense code in these scripts and this will make you a lot of money. 

You just need to buy this and code canyon, where you buy them will help you how to set this up. So, you don’t have to worry about setting this up. 

It is a very popular website design Script in today’s time and if you able to make it viral then you will make huge money with it. The best thing about this website script is if you make a website on this script then you don’t have to worry about Seo and ranking because all of your traffic will come from Facebook. 

So, just work and make it viral.

Now move to our second one.

2. AdLinkFly-monetized Url Shortener:-

 Guys this is the most used popular website design Script in current time. If you search in Google about online money making all the articles will suggest you about Url Shortner.

 Guys Website made from this script is a website where everyone can convert their normal links into links with ads. So when someone clicks on those links they watch ads then they redirect to their destination Website.

 The users also earn with this type of website and you will also earn., etc websites are made with this script. 

All you need to do is work hard in it and you will make huge money.

3. Oki Pay Per Platform:-

  Guys if you saw a website that gives you money for completing some tasks like download and install. These websites are made on this script.

 This Script creates a website where you and your user both can make a good amount of money. 

Just but this and team will help you in setting this up.


4. Theme Spy – find out what theme WordPress site uses:

   Guys, this script helps you to create a website where users can check about a WordPress website that which theme and plugins that website uses.

Guys in Blogging our eyes should also be on our competitors. Which plugins are they using how they making their website fast by which theme.

 So, there are a lot of users who want to check this, this is why this script is also popular and make a place in popular website design Scripts. 

Now move to our 5th script.

5. Love Test – Android application Script

this is a love test application and this script creates a virtual application and user can check thier love percentage to their partner.


             So, guys, these are the top 5 Popular Website Design Scripts in 2019 that will make you huge money. Guys as I said all Scripts are paid and you need to have a non hosted AdSense account before making a website on them. 

Hope you liked this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends and share your thoughts in comments. Thank you


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