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Hey guys, I am back with another exciting post for you and it is related to Blogging, so this is very important for you. So Read the full article and show your opinions in comments by doing the method I am going to tell you today.


So, guys as you all know in WordPress comments section we get a separate box for posting a website ‘s link, but this not happens in blogger .that website link provides you with a quality backlink which helps you to make your website Rank higher in Search Engine. Not all websites are on WordPress so what happen to that Website which is on blogger.

So, guys, you can’t directly give your website ‘s link in blogger Comments section like WordPress, but there is a short trick for

Posting your website link in blogger Comments section and today I am going to tell you that secret short trick that how can you post your link in a blogger website Comments section and can get a quality backlink from the same.
See guys there are millions of blog website on blogger and actually, they are free so you can make them easily and can get a quality backlink for your main website and can rank it higher on search engines.
So without wasting your time let me tell you the secret trick for posting the website link in blogger ‘s comment section.
So first of all guys, you have to copy a short HTML code which I am going to give you below copy that code and paste it on blogger website ‘s Comments section.
Which can you see in below picture?

You can also modify it on your own and don’t forget to change site link, because that’s the main part.



Now post the comment now you ‘ll see in your comment there is a link highlighted and when other people will see your comment they will click on your site and you’ll get visitors on your site from another site, and you’ll get a quality backlink and your site will rank higher in search engines. In below photo, you can see how it will look like.


So guys here’s the code:-
Copy it all starting from here

<a href=””> learn technology </a>


Yes, guys, this is the code for posting your website link in blogger Comments section
Hope this will helpful for you still have concerns then Don’t feel shy to ask them in comments…
Thank you


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