How to Add Privacy Policy Page in any Website on Blogger or Word Press?

Hey Guys, How are you all? I hope you all are very well. So as always, I am back with another exciting and also important article for you all. Guys We had Already talked a lot about Blogger.Now We Are Going to Tell You All that How to Generate Privacy Policy Page And Add to Blogger Website. Guys Privacy Policy Page is Very important for Your website to Look professional and also if you want to earn from your website then it’s also important for your Google Adsense approval. So Now if you don’t know what our Privacy Policy then let me tell you More about it.

What is Privacy Policy and Why to add it in Website??

So guys, let me tell you that Privacy Policy is a page in your website that make your Website look Professional. And make your visitors look at it and in Privacy Policy, you Describe that your Visitor ‘s data is 100% safe and you will not use it anywhere. The type of your website is that way your Privacy Policy is made. The privacy policy is for your Visitors that How your Website protect their data. Because in the current world everyone ‘s privacy is much important .so when visitors see that you claim that your website is safe for them .then they get attracted to your website and become your Permanent visitors. So this is what called Privacy Policy and it is very important for your website. So if you had not added it yet then you should add a privacy policy Now in Your Website. In this article, I am going to tell you How to add Privacy Policy in Blogger website and we are also covering up that if you Don’t Know How to Write a Privacy Policy Page then How to Generate Privacy Policy Page. In a Privacy Policy Page, you tell people about your Website that what data of people your Website is using or Not. That your Website is safe for them, you claim that you will Not share their data.

Guys Privacy Policy Page is much Needed in approving your Website on Google Adsense. Guys Google Detects that your Website Have Privacy Policy Page or Not. On this Basis, you get Approval for your Website.

Some Pages Like contact us, about us, Privacy Policy and disclaimer pages are very important to Get approval From Google Adsense or any other ad Networks. So you Should add it Right Now. Now we come to Our Topic that How to Generate Privacy Policy Page and Add it to Blogger. Also, I am going to tell you that How to add Privacy Policy Page in WordPress site. So without wasting time let’s start !!!!

How to Generate Privacy Policy Page and Add it to Blogger or WordPress ???


Guys I am going to tell you this in simple steps, so keep Following the steps to add Privacy Policy Page in your website.Now move to our first Step.

Step 1:-

            Guys, first of all, you Have to go to A website called Privacy Policy Generator.  Go to this website. There you will ask for your website Name and Url, fill Everything and Click on Generate as shown in below picture.





Step 2:- 

          Now, guys, you will see your website ‘s Privacy Policy Page copy all text .you can also click on the tab copy to clipboard .as shown in below picture.



Step 3:- 

      Now guys go to the Blogger dashboard. Therein Pages add Page and Name it Privacy Policy. And later as you add all pages in your theme add this page same also. Do the same in WordPress also. And that’s it. Your privacy policy page added to your Website.

So that’s for today guys. I hope you this is useful for you and Don’t forget to share it with your friends so they can also add privacy policy page on their website .now still have concerns then Don’t feel shy to ask in Comments section. Will back with another exciting article for you. Thank you !!! 


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