Top-10 Unknown And Interesting Facts About PUBG

Player Unknown’s Battleground or I say PUBG this is the most popular game in past few months.

 I don’t know in which world you are living if you hadn’t heard this name yet. Beacuse today everyone plays pubg whether they are youth or they are kids or they are old, everyone plays PUBG.

 some play it on windows and some plays it on smartphone and recently it’s been hearing that sooner it will be launch on Xbox One. 


but if you had ever thought why this Game is so popular ? or what is the meaning of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner ? and some other more questions and facts about it which I am going to discuss about today. 

yes, guys today I am going to talk about Top -10 Unknown and interesting Facts About PUBG which you should know,let’s start with my introduction first.
so, Hii Guys my Name is Lokesh and Today I am going to tell you about some unknown and Interesting Facts About PUBG which you should know about.

guys, if you play Pubg doesn’t matter if you play it on a mobile/smartphone or Pc/gaming console or in special case you play PUBG MOBILE on your PC via Gaming Buddy or any other emulator at the conclusion if you play pubg game then  you should know about Some Unknown and Interesting Facts about Pubg.

 they are just for your Knowledge none of them will going to help you in playing this game !!!!

so, now without wasting any more time let’s start these facts.

Top-10 Unknown and Interesting Facts About Pubg !!

1. Why This Gone So popular?

Guys if you had ever wondered why this game is so popular. there are some important points why the pubg game is so popular. 

Guys this game have in-game Voice chat feature which is very unique to Smartphone platform.

You Can Play With up to 100 Real Players at a time.

the Main Feature is this is an open World game and anyone Loves to Play like these Games.

There are billions of Mobile Users and anyone Can download and Play it with their friends as making Squad.

2. This Game is Not perfectly Optimized

Guys I want to tell you that this Pubg game is not perfectly optimized means doesn’t matter how High-end graphics and processor you have in your PC and Smartphone this game will still have some lags at some time. 

I know you’d feel it already

3. World Record of Pubg

This Game holds the Record for Highest Numer of Players Playing a Game at the same time. yes, guys, it had made the game Valve Dota to go on 2 with having 13,82,080 players Playing Pubg at the Same time.

 so, this Become a huge Fact and record about Pubg Game.

4.Pubg Mobile Lite to be launched soon

guys, as you already Know the Official Pubg Mobile game ‘s data is up to 1.3 Gb and requires high-end Mobile to play it .

so,for those people who have smartphones with low specs for them, PubG is Planning to launch   Pubg Mobile Lite soon. so, it is currently in beta testing and if you want to play it right now then you can read our article in which I had told you that how you can play Pubg Mobile Lite right now before official Launch ?.
that’s become another fact now move to our Next fact.

5.Surprise From Pubg

people who have pre-ordered it for PUBG game only Those people got a special surprise as Bendena . which they can use in game on Thier Characters. none of any other players can get it. that Bandana is not available in any crate.
in some countries that Bandana is available to Buy but the price is up to 1000$.
but Still, True Pubg Lovers Buy This.
now move to our next fact.

6.there are some Bots in Pubg Mobile.

Guys, I don’t know if you Had noticed or Not there are always Some Bots at a time in a particular game when you are playing Pubg mobile.
bots don’t shoot you they got spawn up any time and they run in a straight direction.

bots are used for making Pubg Mobile a Little bit simple and to Make server stable because  you Know at a time up to 100 peoples are Playing that game so when all 100 are not available and 10-15 people remaining to join the servers automatically add the remaining people as bots so the server can remain stable.that’s another good fact now moves to Next one.

7.creator of PUBG?

guys I Don’t Know if you know about this or Not but the Name of Creator of PubG is Brandon Gree. yes, this is the person who created this addictive game.

8. what is the Mean of “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”?

guys as above I told you about the creator of Pubg ‘s creator .so, in past years when Brandon Mods games then he writes there below “winner winner Chicken Dinner“.

 this is why he added this in the Game.

also in the ancient time when People Plays Rumy and when they win the game then they shout winner winner chicken dinner because after winning the match they have Money and they can afford Chicken that Night.
so, yeah that’s also an interesting Fact about PUBG.

9. No advertising for PubG

Guys Can you Believe Tencent Media Never made an advertisement for PUBG. this game become popular automatically no advertisement made to sell this Game.

now Move to our last fact which is the 10th one.

10. 3D Gameplay recording

Guys if you are Playing Pubg On PC then you can Record 3D Gameplay.yes, guys 3D gameplay is what like you are Doing in Real life .so it’s also an interesting fact.

so, yeah Guys that are ” Top-10 Unknown And Interesting Facts About PUBG” hope you had liked this.

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Thank You !!!!



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