How to Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages ?

Someone sent  you a message on Whatsapp and when you are just Going to read that message  you see there that 

“this Message was Deleted” 

in Place of that Message you were curious to read, if this ever happened to you and you want to Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages  sent to you by someone then you are at Right Place because here i am going to tell you about How to Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages.

Why to Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages ?

Whatsapp is Most Popular Messaging app.almost every one who uses a smartphone have Whatsapp and the reason why Whatsapp is so much popular is it’s work .

Whatsapp always try to do best for it’s users. Time to time they make changes in it to make it  much good, So in these Improvements there is a “Delete For Everyone” Feature , with this Feature you can Delete Messages Sent to Someone.

It works upto a particular Time ,after that time the “Delete for Everyone” feature automatically removed.So, This is a Great Feature of Whatsapp.

 Whatsapp Team Created This Feature for that time When by mistake we send Some messages or we send  message to a wrong person, this is why this feature was created but People Missuse it. They make fun of this feature and irritate other people.

Suppose i have your Whatsapp number and i Messaged you something  and  Deleted it at the same time with “Delete for Everyone ” feature.So, you become Curious that what message i had sent you and you try to ask me and still i will not tell  you.

 that time you get very irritated and frustrated and the people who sent you that Message Maybe they sent you just a joke and nothing Important but you don’t know about it and you may get so much Irritated. You want to Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages at any ccost.

It happened with me a lot times and i think happened with you also this is why you are Reading this Article. so, guys don’t worry because it will not going to happen with you again because in this article i am going to share a Simple Trick.

By that trick you will be able to Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages.

So, guys Without wasting time let’s Start this Simple Method.

How to Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages with Simple Method ?

To Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages we will Need a third party Application  Called NOTISAVE. it is very Small size app and you can Download it from Google Playstore easily.

Here i am sharing Step-By-Step information so you can Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages easily and i said it is very Simple Method so you can apply it easily.

let’s start with first step.


          guys as i said above, you have to download NOTISAVE application from Google Playstore.


           After Installing this Application in Your Smartphone, Launch it and Give all the Permission it asks for.if you not give it all the Permission then it will Not work properly,so do that.


          that’s it Guys, Now you just have to wait and watch.Now all the Messages you recieve on your Whatsapp will save in NOTISAVE.It doesn’t matter if someone later delete the Message , you can Read them by Going in NOTISAVE application.


                      Guys Notisave is a Very Good Application and i Personally using it. You can Do much more things with it like save all notification Comes in you Smartphone and arrange them in a good Manner.

I hope you had liked our article How to Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages? ,You can use it without any Problem.

There are Some other Applications also who only works in android version 7.0 Naugat and above But this NOTISAVE application Works in all Android  Version above 4.0, So this is very Good thing for you.

If you still have any Problem then ask in Comments and Don’t Forget to share it with your friends.Thank you for Reading this and Keep Visiting us.


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