Submit Website to Yandex | In this Competitive time we try very hard to get traffic on our Blog/Website but if we don’t submit our website in all the required Search Engines then they don’t crawl our website and there we miss traffic from that Search Engines. I hope you have already Submitted your websites to Google Webmaster tools but If you want to get traffic from Yandex Search Engine then you have to Submit Your URL to Yandex and If you don’t know how to do it then don’t worry because I am with you for all help.

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In this article, I will share that How you can Submit Your website to Yandex Search Console and get traffic from Yandex Search Engine.

First, Let’s learn more about Yandex.

What is Yandex Search Engine?

Basically, Yandex is Russia ‘s Search Engine. People around there use it more than Google, Bing or any other Search Engine. This is why it holds 64% Market in Russia and after that other search engines come. If China has its search engine Baidu then Russia also has its Search engine Yandex. I think now you will understand that what Yandex is.

So, Now let’s learn why it is important for you to submit your website to Yandex webmaster tools.

Why You Should Submit Your Website to Yandex?

Guys, as you all know that today we work hard to get a single visitor to our website but due to a lot of competition beginners and sometimes experts also get fail to get organic traffic to websites.

If we can’t get traffic from google or bing then we should try on other search engines also. to get rank higher in other search engines we have to submit our website to those search engines and Yandex is one of them. This is why you should submit your website to Yandex webmaster tools.

If you want traffic from Russia or you are targeting your website to Russian People then you have to Submit your website to Yandex webmaster tools as soon as possible.

Now, You have all the information about Yandex. So, let’s learn how you can submit your any website to Yandex.

Step by Step Procedure to Submit  Your URL to Yandex

Guys, After reading all above if you are here that means you want to submit your website to Yandex webmaster tools. here I will tell you to step by step that how you can submit your website to Yandex.

Without wasting any time let’s go to step 1

Step 1:-

First of all, you have to go on Yandex Webmaster tool ‘s official website and then sign up there with your email or you can also log in with your Facebook,¬† Gmail, Twitter Accounts.

Step 2:-

After that, You will see Add Site Option in the middle of your screen, Just Click on it and Paste your Blog/Website URL and Click Submit.

Step 3:-

Now it will ask you to verify your ownership, for that you can use any option just like Google Webmaster Tools but I suggest You go with meta tag option because it’s very simple and not much time-consuming.

Step 4:-

So, Just Copy the meta tag and Paste it in the Header of your website below <head>, after that just click check and done. You will Recieve Popup that your ownership is verified and now you can submit your sitemap just like google search console and get traffic from Yandex Search Engine.


Now, Your website is submitted in Yandex. Sooner you will get ranked and will receive organic traffic from Yandex Search Engine.


In this article, I have shared the Complete tutorial about how you can submit your website to Yandex Webmaster tools. I hope you have liked this article and if you do then don’t forget to smash the share button.

If you have any concern then do comment below and you can also suggest to us what we can write for you. Thanks and Peace!


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