Tips to Keep Adsense Safe | If you are Making Money with Google Adsense from any platform whether with your Blog website or Making Videos on Youtube or with Smartphone apps via Admob. then you have to know about some tips to keep your Google Adsense account safe or it will be disabled if you didn’t.

keep your adsense safe

In this article, I am going to share 7 amazing tips and with these tips, you can prevent Adsense from getting Banned.

So First of all, let’s learn more about Google Adsense and why it gets Disabled.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is the Easiest way to make money online with your unique content. Adsense provides you to show ads on your Youtube Channel, Blog Website and Smartphone apps via Admob. If you have your unique content then you can make much money with Google Adsense.

Why Adsense Gets Disabled?

Guys, You can Make Money with Adsense so, to keep it a safe place for all the people who work with Adsense, it has some policies and everyone who makes money with Adsense, have to follow all these policies. If you don’t follow Rules and Policies of Adsense then Your Account can Get Banned anytime.

Sometimes it is your mistake and sometimes people who can’t see you growing, they do an invalid activity with your ads. They Click on ads for no reason and your Adsense gets disabled or gets Suspended for a while.

So, If you don’t want to get your Adsense account disabled or Banned then follow all the tips which I am going to share in this article and that will help you to prevent your Adsense account from getting Banned.

7 Tips to Prevent your Adsense from Getting Disabled

Guys, If you want to keep your Adsense account safe forever then you have to follow these super tips which I am sharing here.

So, Without wasting any more time let’s learn How to Keep Adsense Safe with easy tips.

1. Follow Adsense Rules & Policies:-

Guys, You have to follow all the Google Adsense Rules and Policies to prevent your Adsense account from getting disabled. Also, Follow the Offical Google Adsense Blog for Adsense Updates and to keep your account safe.

2. Never Use Traffic Bot:-

In this competitive time, it is hard to get traffic to your blog or youtube channel. so, some people use Bot Traffic to earn more from Adsense but I want to tell you that it is against the policies of adsense. So, If you use traffic bot then your Adsense account will get disabled.

3. Never Click on Your Own Ads:-

 If you are making money with Adsense then you should never click on your own ads or Your Adsense Account will get disabled. it will count as invalid activity and Invalid activity means Adsense Disabled for sure.

4. Never Use Multiple Adsense:-

According to Adsense Policies everyone can get only one AdSense account and some people create multiple accounts just to make sure that if one adsense disable then they have other but if you do this Adsense can detect it and after that Adsense will disable both of your accounts. So, Never use multiple Adsense Accounts.

5. Don’t Place Too Many Ads:- 

If you place too many ads on your website or application to get more clicks on ads then you are doing a mistake and this can lead you to get your Adsense account disabled. On a single page, you should only add maximum 6 Ads and if you add more then your Adsense will be disabled.

6. Don’t Use Plagiarized content:- 

After getting Adsense approval on the website people start copy-pasting other website content on their website but if you do this then you are violating Adsense policies and your Adsense account will be disabled for using plagiarized content.

7. Never use Adsense in Popup Window:-

Guys, You should never use Adsense ads in the popup to get clicks because if you do that then your Adsense account will get disabled.

(Bonus Tip) Add Ads.txt file to your website 

Guys, from the latest update of adsense people, are getting a notification in their Adsense dashboard to add ads.txt file in their website and if you don’t do this then your website will not show Adsense ads or your account can get disabled. so, you should add the ads.txt file to your website as soon as possible.

If you don’t know how to add ads.txt file then let me tell you:-

If you are using Blogger then in your Blogger Dashboard ,

Go to Settings >> Search Preferences >> Custom Ads.txt

and Paste this code, pub-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

and don’t forget to change the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with your Adsense Publisher id.

If you are using WordPress or any other type website then make an ads.txt file and paste the above code and upload it in the root folder in your web hosting.

In wordpress, you can also add this code with Ads.txt Manager Plugin. Just Install it in your WordPress Dashboard and paste the code in it.

So, this is how you can add ads.txt in your website and this is the bonus tip of today.


So, Yeah these are the tips that will help you to keep your Adsense account safe. I am sure you have liked the article and If you do then don’t forget to smash the share button. Share it with every user you know who is making money with Adsense or thinking about it. If you have any question or suggestion then share it in the comments, I will reply to you asap. Thanks.


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