Ping Sites List to Rank Faster in 2019-20 | If you want to rank faster in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) then you have to use Ping Sites to Ping your Post in All the Search Engines as soon as possible. After getting notified Search Engine bot Crawls your post and Rank it faster than usual. If you are looking for these Ping Sites List to Rank your WordPress website faster then you are at right place here I will share best WordPress Ping List.

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Why You Should use Ping Sites?

When You Write an article/Post then you want it to Rank in SERPs as soon as possible but you have to wait till crawlers of Search Engine come to your Website and Crawl your post and then Rank it. It becomes a long process sometimes and in this Ping Sites help you to get out from this problem and help you to rank faster.

If you use Ping Sites then they boost your Ranking time with notifying search engines whenever you post a new article. Now let’s learn how ping sites work.

How do Ping Sites Work?

All the Ping Sites sends Notification to all the search engines to crawl your website as soon as possible. Then Crawlers of that particular search engine comes to that URL and Crawl it and Rank it in SERPs.

If you don’t use Ping Submission then it takes a lot of time for the crawler to come on your website and crawl your website and then rank it. If you don’t want this headache and want to rank your Articles faster then you should use these Ping Sites from now.

Best Ping Submission List to Rank Faster in SERPs

If you want to Rank Faster then you have to ping your post to ping sites and here I am sharing a list of 100+ Ping Sites list that will help you to rank faster.

If you want to download this list then Click Here

After going on this link you will find 100+ Ping sites list. Now let’s learn how to use these Ping Sites list to rank Faster. Here I am going to share Procedure for both Blogger sites and WordPress sites, If you are using any other type then you can follow the Blogger Sites Method because that’s the most general method that will work on any type of Blog/Website.

How to Use Ping Submission on WordPress?

If you are using WordPress then all you need to do is just go in your WordPress Dashboard >> Settings >> Writing and Scroll Down.

There you will see a Box for Update Services, Copy all the Sites and Paste it there and your work is done ( As You can See in Below Picture ).

Now, whenever you will post an Article these Ping Sites will send Notification to all the search engines and your Article will rank faster.

How to Use Ping Submission on Blogger or Any Type Website?

If you want to use these Ping sites to Ping your article and Rank Faster on Blogger or Any other Type Website then you have to go on every URL one by one and have to submit your post URL on that ping site.

I know this will took so long but there is no other method. So, I suggest you to Submit Your Post in at least 10 Ping Sites to rank faster on Blogger.


In this article, I have shared 100+ Ping Sites List that will help you to Rank Faster than Usual. I hope you have liked this article and if you do then don’t forget to share it everywhere. Also, share your thoughts about this article in the comments below.

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